Installing and Removing dictionaries

Available dictionaries

These dictionaries are packaged to work with cocoAspell 1.4.1 and higher. Earlier versions of cocoAspell have to compile these dictionaries before using them. Use the Compile Dictionary in the Advanced tab in the Spelling preference panel to compile a dictionary.

Installing additional dictionaries

By default the cocoAspell package comes only with the English dictionary that contains American, British, and Canadian variations. To spell check a document in another language you may have to download, compile, and install the corresponding spelling dictionary.

To minimize the bandwidth and server storage space requirements I now distribute the dictionaries in their compressed (uncompiled) form. cocoAspell will compile the dictionary on the fly the first time you try to enable the dictionary.

cocoAspell version below 1.4.2 can only compile dictionaries created for aspell version or below.

cocoAspell version 1.4.2 and above can compile dictionaries created for aspell 0.5. You must add a .pwli file for every dictionary you are trying to compile. The name of the .pwli file consists of the name of the .multi file (generally a two-letter language code) and "-aspell". For example, for Russian such a file should be named "ru-aspell.pwli". The file should contain that first part of the name. Again for Russian that would be "ru" without quotes.

Removing a dictionary

Before removing a dictionary from your system make sure it is disabled by checking off the Enable button in the Spelling preference pane.

Alternatively, you may trash the aspell.service file from you Services folder. You will have to re-enable the rest of the dictionaries in the Spelling preference pane.

Dictionary Size (Kb)
Breton 95.7
Catalan 214.5
Croatian 3338.5
Czech 797.2
Danish 374.9
Dutch 511.0
Esperanto 176.0
Faroese 95.0
French 399.0
Galician 184.5
German 385.6
Greek 452.9
Icelandic 252.4
Italian 62.6
Norwegian 373.5
Polish 537.0
Portuguese 277.1
Romanian 89.8
Russian 762.7
Slovak 370.9
Slovenian 367.2
Spanish 266.6
Swedish 130.1
Ukrainian 586.7
Welsh 185.6