Version History

cocoAspell 2.5
  • This release updates Aspell engine to version
  • 64-bit only. Support for macOS 10.11+
cocoAspell 2.1
  • This release updates Aspell engine to version 0.60.5.
  • Support for 64-bit.
cocoAspell 2.0.4 for PPC
cocoAspell 2.0.4 for Intel
  • Fourth beta of cocoAspell 2.0.
  • This release updates Aspell engine to version 0.60.4.
  • Support for Intel architecture
cocoAspell 2.0.2
  • Third beta of cocoAspell 2.0.
  • Fixed the problem when cocoAspell would not remember filter settings.
  • No time limit anymore. cocoAspell is now a "donationware".
cocoAspell 2.0.1
  • Second beta of cocoAspell 2.0.
  • Fixed the problem when cocoAspell would not remember "ignored" words.
  • Fixed the problem when the Spelling panel appears blank on systems set for languages other than English
  • Fixed the problem when cocoAspell would hang on some of the UK dictionaries
cocoAspell 2.0b
  • The distribution includes a full installation of the Aspell command line utility and shared libraries.
  • It uses the latest Aspell engine (0.60.2).
  • It includes an updated Spelling preference pane that accommodates new Aspell features.
  • The distribution is an Installer package to simplify the installation process.
  • It supports word completion: type in a few letters and then press option-esc.
cocoAspell 1.4.3
  • fixed the problems with iWork and BBEdit
  • added new graphics
cocoAspell 1.4.2
  • aspell 0.5 dictionaries can be compiled now. See the dictionaries page for more details.
  • added data files for iso8859-13, -14, and -15 codepages
cocoAspell 1.4.1
  • New Spelling panel interface.
  • cocoAspell does not require Apple Developer Tools to compile a dictionary anymore.
  • The dictionaries are now distributed in their compressed (uncompiled) form. cocoAspell will compile the dictionary on the fly the first time you try to enable the dictionary.
  • Fixed the problem with the Ukrainian dictionary by adding the koi8-u data files.
cocoAspell 1.4
  • Works with Mac OS 10.3 (Panther).
  • There is no cocoAspell.service file anymore. Everything is rolled into the Spelling.prefPane bundle.
  • Enabling a dictionary does not require you to re-login into the system anymore. However, running applications have to be restarted to take advantage of the newly enabled dictionary.
cocoAspell 1.3
  • Spelling now checks whether cocoAspell.service is running and asks to start it.
  • Added a workaround for yet another system bug. The user's system dictionary is saved in UTF-8 and it's read back in ASCII, which lead to a crush if one had words with non-ASCII characters.
cocoAspell 1.2
  • Redesigned Spelling interface.
cocoAspell 1.1
  • Fixed the problems with cocoAspell in the command line mode.
  • Added an ability to edit known TeX command set.
  • Language names are now displayed in the default system locale.
  • Added "American English" dictionary. Now "English" is an alias of the "American English" dictionary.
cocoAspell 1.0
  • Fixed misspelled "dictionary" in the "Advanced" tab.
  • Fixed the dictionary installation description, so it reads that the dictionaries have to be installed into "Library/Application Support/Aspell" instead of simply "Library/Application Support" as in the previous version.
  • Preference Pane now saves the path to the application, so it does not need to ask (annoy) the user all the time any more.
cocoAspell 1.0b
  • Initial release