Time Title People
09:0009:10 Welcome
09:1010:00 Invited Talk: Compressing Mental Model Spaces and Modeling Human Strategic Intent Prashant Doshi
10:0010:20 Plan Recognition for Exploratory Domains using Interleaved Temporal Search Oriel Uzan, Reuth Dekel and Kobi Gal
10:2010:30 A Computational Cognitive Model of Mirroring Processes: A Position Statement Mor Vered and Gal A. Kaminka
10:3011:00 Coffee Break
11:0011:20 A General Framework for Recognizing Complex Events in Markov Logic Young Song, Henry Kautz, Raingo Lee and Jiebo Luo
11:2011:40 Accuracy and Timeliness in ML Based Activity Recognition Robert Ross and John Kelleher
11:4012:00 Using Bayesian Networks for Daily Activity Prediction Ehsan Nazerfard and Diane Cook
12:0012:20 Emulating the consistency of human behavior with an autonomous robot in a market scenario Saad Ahmad Khan, Saad Arif and Ladislau Boloni
13:4014:30 Invited Talk: Goals and Plans in a Theory of Commonsense Psychology Jerry Hobbs
14:3015:30 Poster Session All authors
15:3016:00Coffee Break
16:0016:20 Parallelizing Plan Recognition Christopher Geib and Christopher Swetenham
16:2016:40 Hierarchical Modeling to Facilitate Personalized Word Prediction for Dialogue Richard Freedman, Jingyi Guo, William Turkett and V. Paúl Pauca
16:4017:00 Using plan recognition for generating and interpreting referring expressions Dustin Smith and Henry Lieberman
17:0017:20 Incremental Abductive Reasoning for Plan Understanding Ben Meadows, Pat Langley and Miranda Emery
17:2017:30Closing Remarks