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Emotion Modeling

·      USC’s Computational Emotion Group

·      Gratch and Marsella’s EMA

·      El Nasr’s FLAME — Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Model of Emotions

·      Clark Elliott’s Affective Reasoner

·      Neal Reilly’s EM

·      Fear Not!

·      Marinier’s Soar-Emote

·      Moffat’s WILL


Figure 1Computational Models of Emotion (A history)



·      International Society for Research on Emotions 2009

·      International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII2009)

·      Workshop on Transactional Emotions (2007)

·      AAAI Spring Symposium on Emotion, Personality and Social Behavior (2007)

·      2nd International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII2007)

·      7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA2007)

·      ISRE Conference, Sunshine Coast, Australia, 2007

·      Seven dimensions of emotion: integrating biological, clinical and cultural perspectives (2007)

·      Workshop on Modeling the Cogntive Antecedents and Consequences of Emotion (ACE2006)

·      5th International Working Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA2005)

·      Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems (ImoCS2005)

·      ISRE Conference 2005, Bari, Italy, July 11-15 2005

·      Workshop on Perceptive Animated Interfaces and Virtual Humans, 2004

·      2004 Virtual Humans Workshop

·      Dagstuhl Seminar on Evaluating Embodied Conversational Agents, 2004

·      Architectures for Modeling Emotion: Cross-Disciplinary Foundations, AAAI 2004 Spring Symposium Series, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA, March 22-24, 2004

·      ACE 2004

·      Emotion, Evolution and Rationality, interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Philosophy Department at King's College London, Saturday 27 April - Sunday 28 April 2002

·      2002 Virtual Humans Workshop

·      ACE 2002

·      Symposium on Emotion, cognition, and affective computing. AISB'01 Convention, 21st - 24th March 2001

·      ACE 2000

·      Autonomous Agents 1999 Workshops on Autonomy Control Software and on Emotion-Based Agent Architectures (Seattle, WA, USA)

·      Emotional and Intelligent: The Tangled Knot of Cognition, AAAI 1998 Fall Symposium Series

·      Grounding Emotions in Adaptive Systems at SAB'98, Zurich, Switzerland



People (Researcher that employ, develop, or inspire computational models of emotional phenomena)  

Michael Arbib – (USC, CS/Biology) computational neuroscience

Norm Badler – (Upenn, CS) Virtual human behavioral animation research

Antoine Bechara – (USC) Affective neuroscience

Jim Blascovich – (UCSB, Paych) Virtual humans and social psychology

Bruce Blumberg – (MIT Media Lab) Lifelike character research

Cynthia Breazeal – (MIT Media Lab) Social robotics research

Lola Cañamero – (Hertfordshire, CS) Emotion and action selection

Peter Carnevale – (USC) Emotion and Negotiation

Justine Cassell – (Northwestern, Comm/CS) Virtual Human gesture research

Gerald Clore – (Virginia, Psych) Emotion and cognition

Antonio Damasio – (USC) Affective neuroscience

Paul Ekman – (UCSF, Psych) Emotion and Facial Expressions

Robert Frank – (Cornell, Econ) Emotion and game theory

Eva Hudlicka – (Psychometrix) Computational appraisal theory

Brian Lickel – (USC, Psych) Appraisal theory (shame and guilt)

Daniel Messinger – (University of Miami) Emotional interaction and development

Agnes Moors – (Ghent, Psych) Emotion and automaticity theory

Javier Movellan – (UCSD) Facial expression recognition

Josef Nerb – (Freiburg, Psych) Models of appraisal and attribution theory

Shrikanth S. Narayanan – (USC, EE) Recognition and synthesis of emotion in speech

Clifford_Nass – (Stanford, Comm) Social effects of Virtual Humans

Andrew Ortony – (Northwestern, Edu) Appraisal theory

Ana Paiva – (INESC, CS) Computational appraisal theory

Brian Parkinson – (Oxford) Social appraisal theory

Catherine Pelachaud – (Paris 8, CS)

Paolo Petta – (OFAI, CS) Computational appraisal theory

Rosalind Picard – (MIT Media Lab) Emotion recognition

Helmut Prendinger – (NII, CS) Emotion recognition and lifelike characters

Rainer Reisenzein – (Greifswald, Psych) Appraisal Theory

Martin Seligman – (Upenn, Psych) Attribution Theory

Aaron Sloman – (Birmingham, CS) Emotion, motivation and cognitive architectures

Klaus Scherer – (Geneva, Psych) Appraisl Theory

Craig A. Smith – (Vanderbilt, Psych) Appraisal Theory

Paul Thagard – (Waterloo, Phil) Emotion, cognition and belief

Bernard Weiner – (UCLA, Psych) Appraisal Theory and Attribution Theory

Cognition and Affect Project People




HUMAINE Association on Emotions and Human-Machine Interaction

USC’s SAIL Emotions Research Group

USC’s Institute of the Study of Brain and Creativity

CMU Emotion and Decision Making Lab

Geneva Emotion Research Group

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