These are some of my not-so-current, and very old projects.

  • MALACH. Providing access to a very large collection of spoken documents.
  • eArchivarius. A system for interactive access to archives of electronic mail.
  • iNeATs. Interactive multi-document summarization.
  • Lighthouse. Information access platform.
  • I developed an interface for a document clustering system. The system creates a concept hierarchy for a set of documents by extracting the most important terms and phrases from the text and establishing a subsumption relationship among them. The focus of the interface is to use the hierarchy to browse the document set.
  • I worked with James Allan on developing a more intelligent news tracking system. The tracking system attempts to maximize the tracking effectiveness while minimizing user’s active participation in the process. The system decides when and how much feedback to request from the user. It also takes advantage of the user’s schedule -- the user interacts with the system at discrete time intervals, so the system is not required to classify each story as soon as it arrives and can delay its decisions until the next user’s session. The results of our work were presented at SIGIR’02.
  • Usability Study of a new cool interface for information organization.

    The study is now over and the server is down. You can still read the introduction and the study description.

    The study was a great success. You can read about it in my thesis. The wizard part of the Lighthouse system is the result of the study.

  • NewsRoute: e-news filtering system. I did the interface for that project. Unfortunately, CIIR no longer maintains the system.
  • For my master thesis I have created a program that plays Othello. The program, which is called Jealousy, uses a multi-layer neural network to represent its position evaluation knowledge. Jealousy learned the parameters of the neural network by playing against itself and achieved quite a good level of performance. It was a two times winner of the local UMASS Othello championship.