PAIR 2007 Technical Program

08:3009:00 Opening Remarks
09:0010:30 Plan Recognition
09:0009:30 Towards Dynamic Tracking of Multi-Agent Teams: An Initial Report [Abstract] Dorit Avrahami-Zilberbrand and Gal Kaminka
09:3010:00 Incremental Plan Recognition in an Agent Programming Framework [Abstract][Presentation] Alexandra Goultiaeva and Yves Lespérance
10:0010:30 Using Lexicalized Grammars and Headedness for Approximate Plan Recognition [Abstract] Christopher W. Geib
10:3011:00 Break
11:0012:30 Activity Recognition and Learning
11:0011:30 Joint Recognition of Multiple Concurrent Activities using Factorial Conditional Random Fields [Abstract] Tsu-yu Wu, Chia-chun Lian, and Jane Yung-jen Hsu
11:3012:00 A Vision-Based Approach to Imitation Using Heterogeneous Demonstrators [Abstract] [Presentation] Jeff Allen and John Anderson
12:0012:30 Building Assistive Technology for Breakdown Situations in Collaborative Communications via IM [Abstract] Nik Nailah Binti Abdullah, Eric Tschetter, and Shinichi Honiden
14:0015:30 Analysis of Multiagent Behavior
14:0014:30 Multi-Agent Behaviour Segmentation via Spectral Clustering [Abstract] [Presentation] Bálint Takács, Simon Butler, and Yiannis Demiris
14:3015:00 Analysis of Bidding Networks in eBay: Aggregate Preference Identification through Community Detection [Abstract] R. Kang Xing Jin, David C. Parkes, and Patrick J. Wolfe
15:0015:30 Making Sense of VAST Data [Abstract] Summer Adams and Ashok K. Goel
16:0017:30 Modeling Possible Adversaries
16:0016:30 A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Evaluating Posterior Probabilities of Mental Models [Abstract] [Presentation] Jonathan Y. Ito, David V. Pynadath, and Stacy C. Marsella
16:3017:00 Models of Strategic Deficiency and Poker [Abstract] [Presentation] Gabe Chaddock, Marc Pickett, Tom Armstrong, and Tim Oates
17:0017:30 Detecting and Tracking Hostile Plans in the Hats World [Abstract] Aram Galstyan, Sinjini Mitra, and Paul Cohen
17:3018:00Closing Remarks

David Pynadath
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