PAIR 2010 Technical Program

July 12, 2010

08:4509:00 Welcome
09:0009:50 Invited TalkHector Geffner
09:5010:10 Plan Libraries for Plan Recognition: Do We Really Know What They Model? Robert P. Goldman, Froduald Kabanza, & Philipe Bellefeuille
10:1010:30 Opponent Behavior Recognition for Real-Time Strategy Games Froduald Kabanza, Philipe Bellefeuille, & Francis Bisson
10:3011:00 Break
11:0011:20 Handling Looping and Optional Actions in YAPPR Christopher W. Geib & Robert P. Goldman
11:2011:40 Search Performance of Multi-Agent Plan Recognition in a General Model Bikramjit Banerjee & Landon Kraemer
13:2014:10 Invited Talk Tanzeem Choudhury
14:1015:10 Panel: How should we learn libraries for plan recognition? Hung Bui, Tanzeem Choudhury, Hector Geffner
15:1015:30 A Formal Framework for Integrated Programming by Demonstration and Programming by Instruction using Golog Christian Fritz & Yolanda Gil
16:0016:20 Creating Generalized Procedures by Demonstration Siddharth Srivastava, Neil Immerman, & Shlomo Zilberstein
16:2016:40 Activity Recognition Based on Home to Home Transfer Learning Parisa Rashidi & Diane J. Cook
16:4017:00 Possibilistic Behavior Recognition in Smart Homes for Cognitive Assistance Patrice C. Roy, Sylvain Giroux, Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane, Clifton Phua, Andrei Tolstikov, & Jit Biswas
17:0017:20 Appliance Recognition and Unattended Appliance Detection for Energy Conservation Shih-chiang Lee, Gu-yuan Lin, Wan-rong Jih, & Jane Yung-jen Hsu
17:2018:00Discussion & Closing Remarks
18:00Group Dinner