PAIR 2011 Technical Program

August 7, 2011

09:0009:15 Welcome
09:1510:00 Invited Talk: Rosbridge: ROS for Non-ROS UsersChad Jenkins
10:0010:20 Fixing a Hole in Lexical Plan Recognition Christopher Geib
10:2011:00 Break
11:0011:20 Interactive Activity Recognition and Prompting Yi Chu, Young Song, Rich Levinson and Henry Kautz
11:2011:40 ILP-based Reasoning for Weighted Abduction Naoya Inoue and Kentaro Inui
11:4012:00 Human Activity Classification from RGBD Images Jaeyong Sung, Colin Ponce, Bart Selman and Ashutosh Saxena
13:3014:15 Invited Talk: Social reasoning in humans and computers Noah Goodman
14:1515:10 Panel: Plan Recognition Competition
15:1015:30 Towards Detection of Suspicious Behavior from Multiple Observations Bostjan Kaluza, Gal Kaminka and Milind Tambe
16:0016:20 Discovering Patterns of Autistic Planning Boris Galitsky
16:2016:40 Role-based Ad Hoc Teamwork Katie Genter, Noa Agmon and Peter Stone
16:4016:45 Detecting and Identifying Coalitions Reid Kerr and Robin Cohen
16:4517:00Closing Remarks
18:00Group Dinner