Working Notes Contributions:

AAAI Fall 1999 Symposium on

Psychological Models of Communication
in Collaborative Systems

November 5-7th, 1999,
Sea Crest Conference Center on Cape Cod
North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

 David Allbritton & Johanna Moore
Discourse Cues In Narrative Text: Using Production To Predict Comprehension
pp. 1-8

A H Anderson, J Mullin, E Katsavras, R McEwan, E Grattan, & P Brundell
Understanding Multiparty Multimedia Interactions
pp. 9-16

Rainer Bromme, Matthias Nückles, and Riklef Rambow
Adaptivity and Anticipation in Expert-Laypeople Communication
pp. 17-24 (pdf version)

Janet E. Cahn & Susan E. Brennan
A Psychological Model of Grounding and Repair in Dialog
pp. 25-33

Justine Cassell & Matthew Stone
Living Hand to Mouth:  Psychological Theories about Speech and Gesture in Interactive Dialogue Systems
pp. 34-42

Herbert H. Clark
How do Real People Communicate with Virtual Partners?
pp. 43-47

Mark G. Core & Lenhart K. Schubert
A Model of Speech Repairs and Other Disruptions
pp. 48-53

Dr. Patrick G. T. Healey
Accounting for Communiation: Estimating Effort, Transparency and Coherence
pp. 54-60

Jean-Claude Martin
TYCOON:  Six primitive types of cooperation for observing, evaluating and specifying cooperations
pp. 61-66

Michael Matessa & John Anderson
Towards an ACT-R Model of Communication  in Problem Solving
pp. 67-72

Andrew Monk
Participatory status in electronically mediated collaborative work
pp. 73-80

Eamonn O'Neill and Peter Johnson
Task Knowledge Structures and the Design of Collaborative Systems  
pp. 81-84

Tim Paek & Eric Horvitz
Uncertainty, Utility, and Misunderstanding: A Decision-Theoretic Perspective on Grounding in Conversational Systems
pp. 85-92

D. Perlis, K. Purang, D. Purushothaman, C. Andersen, & D. Traum
Modeling Time and Meta-Reasoning In Dialogue Via Active Logic
pp. 93-99 Project page

Chuck Rich & Candy Sidner
COLLAGEN:  Project Summary and Discussion Questions
pp. 100-107 Project Page

Michael F. Schober, Frederick G. Conrad, & Jonathan E. Bloom
Enhancing Collaboration in Computer-Administered Survey Interviews  
pp. 108-115

Amy Soller, Alan Lesgold, Frank Linton, & Brad Goodman
What  Makes Peer Interaction Effective?  Modeling Effective Communication in an Intelligent CSCL
pp. 116-123

David R. Traum
Computational Models of Grounding in Collaborative Systems
pp. 124-131

Teresa Zollo
A Study of Human Dialogue Strategies in the Presence of Speech Recognition Errors
pp. 132-139