PAIR 2009 Technical Program

July 11, 2009

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09:0009:15 Welcome
09:1510:00 Invited TalkTom Dietterich
10:0010:30 Break
10:3010:50 Behaviour Recognition for Spatially Unconstrained Unmanned Vehicles Rolf Baxter, David Lane, and Yvan Petillot
10:5011:10 Distinguishing between Intentional and Unintentional Action Elisheva Bonchek Dokow, Gal Kaminka, and Carmel Domshlak
11:1011:30 High Level Imitation Learning in a Treasure Hunting Task Mary Felkin and Yves Kodratoff
11:3011:50 Probabilistic Abduction using Markov Logic Networks Rohit Kate and Raymond Mooney
13:1514:00 Invited Talk Jim Rehg
14:0015:00 Panel: What’s Wrong with my Method? Tom Dietterich, Robert Goldman, Henry Kautz, Matthai Philipose, Jim Rehg
15:3015:50 Exploiting Early Intent Recognition for Competitive Advantage Kennard Laviers, Gita Sukthankar, Matthew Molineaux, and David Aha
15:5016:10 On Plan Recognition and Parsing John Maraist, Christopher Geib, Robert Goldman
16:1016:30 Tractable POMDP Planning Algorithms for Optimal Teaching in “SPAIS” Georgios Theocharous, Richard Beckwith, Nicholas Butko, and Matthai Philipose
16:3016:50 Automatic Analysis of Embodied Team Actions Brandyn White and Ladislau Bölöni
16:5017:10 Discussion: Increasing Data Availability All
17:1017:30Closing Remarks
18:00Group Dinner