MOO 2006 Technical Program

08:3008:45 Opening RemarksGal A. Kaminka
08:4509:10 Beyond Memories: Weaving Photos into Personal Social Networks Ting-hsiang Huang and Jane Yung-jen Hsu
09:1009:35 Hybrid User Model for Information Retrieval Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos, Jr., Nathan Smith, and Aaron Schuett
09:35 10:00A decision-theoretic model of assistance Alan Fern, Sriraam Natarajan, Kshitij Judah, and Prasad Tadepalli
10:0010:30 Tree-based Policy Learning in Continuous Domains through Teaching by Demonstration Sonia Chernova and Manuela Veloso
10:3011:00 Break
11:0011:25 A Scene-Based Imitation Framework for RoboCup Clients Kevin Lam, Babak Esfandiari and David Tudino
11:2511:50 Hierarchical Instantiated Goal Recognition Nate Blaylock and James Allen
11:5012:15 Hybrid Symbolic-Probabilistic Plan Recognizer: Initial Steps Dorat Avrahami-Zilberbrand and Gal A. Kaminka
12:1512:40 IPARS: Intelligent Portable Activity Recognition System via Everyday Objects, Human Movements, and Activity Duration Chi-yau Lin and Yung-jen Hsu
12:4013:05 Non-stationary Hidden Semi-Markov Models in Activity Recognition Einat Marhasev, Meirav Hadad and Gal A. Kaminka
13:0513:15Final Remarks
13:15 Workshop Ends

David V. Pynadath
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