AAAI Fall 1999 Symposium on

Psychological Models of Communication
in Collaborative Systems

November 5-7th, 1999,
Sea Crest Conference Center on Cape Cod
North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

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Many collaborative systems embody ideas drawn piecemeal from researchers' intuitions about collaboration. Alternatively, collaborative systems may benefit from a more theoretical approach informed by the psychology of communication. Psychological theories and principles (e.g., those of Herbert Clark and colleagues) address many of the same issues that are crucial to the functioning of collaborative systems and agents. Some systems and agents have been designed taking such psychological principles explicitly into account, often adapting and extending the principles. Other systems designed without an explicit psychological theory in mind nevertheless have psychological claims implicit in their function and design choices.

This interdisciplinary symposium will focus on the use and applicability of psychological models of communication in computer systems that function either as a collaborative partner with a human user or as a mediator between collaborating people. A main thread of the symposium will be to investigate the extent to which specific psychological theories yield useful models for dialogs "with and through computers." Such models may provide architectures for integrating the actions of two or more agents into a coherent whole, methods for interpreting or generating interactive behavior, and theoretical frameworks for coding, understanding, predicting, or evaluating dialogs.

Important Dates (1999):

March 31 Deadline for submissions
May 7 Notification of acceptance
August 27nd Materials due for the working notes
September 22nd PreRegistration Deadline
November 5-7 Symposium

Organizing Committee

Susan E. Brennan (co-chair)SUNY Stony
Alain Giboin (co-chair) INRIA
Johanna Moore U Edinburgh
David G. Novick EURISCO
Michael F. Schober New School for Social Research
David Traum (co-chair)University of Maryland
Steve Whittaker AT&T