MOO 2005 Technical Program

Full Papers
08:3008:45 OpeningGal A. Kaminka
08:4510:30 MOO Topic: Agents
08:4508:50 Poster Teaser: Detecting coordination failures by observing groups: A formal approach Michael Lindner, Meir Kalech, and Gal A. Kaminka
08:5009:20Information-based agents model other agents by observing their actions John Debenham
09:2009:25 Poster Teaser: Oversensing with a softbody in the environment: Another dimension of observation Eric Platon, Shinichi Honiden, and Nicolas Sabouret
09:25 09:55With a little help from a friend: applying overhearing to teamwork Silvia Rossi and Paola Busetta
09:5510:00 Poster Teaser: A condensed roadmap of agents-modelling-agents research Olayide Olorunleke and Gordon McCalla
10:0010:30 An empirical study of selective overhearing in hierarchical organizations Gery Gutnik and Gal A. Kaminka
10:3011:00 Break
11:0012:15 MOO Topic: Partial Observability
11:0011:05 Poster Teaser: Inducing the focus of attention by observing patterns in space Derek Magee, Chris Needham, Paulo Santos, and Sajit Rao
11:0511:35 Partial observability and probabilistic plan/goal recognition Christopher W. Geib and Robert P. Goldman
11:3511:40 Poster Teaser: Classifying human activities in household environments Stefan Vacek, Steffen Knoop, Rüdiger Dillmann
11:4012:10 Fast and complete symbolic plan recognition: allowing for duration, interleaved execution, and lossy observations Dorit Avrahami-Zilberbrand, Gal A. Kaminka, and Hila Zarosim
12:1012:15 Poster Teaser: Business intelligence systems and user's parameters: an application to a documents' database Babajide Afolabi and Odile Thiery
13:45 14:30 Poster Session
14:3015:30 MOO Topic: Goal Recognition
14:3015:00 Recognizing Instantiated Goals using Statistical Methods Nate Blaylock and James Allen
15:0015:30 Detecting suspicious behavior from positional information Neil C. Rowe
16:0017:30 MOO Topic: Activity Recognition
16:0016:30 Building Personal Maps from GPS Data Lin Liao, Donald J. Patterson, Dieter Fox, and Henry Kautz
16:3017:00 Semi-supervised learning of patient-caregiver interactions using POMDPs Jesse Hoey, Pascal Poupart, Craig Boutilier, and Alex Mihailidis
17:0017:30 Automatic recognition of human team behaviors Gita Sukthankar and Katia Sycara
17:3018:15Panel Discussion The MOO Community

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